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Videos/Voice Over

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Below are all various projects from my time in grad school. The aim of all of these videos was full audio replacement, music, effects, and speech is either created or found.

This is an English Voice Over Demo Reel for yours truly. I had a lot of fun putting this together.

English Demo Reel - Hayat Dominguez
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Below is a logo animation that I created the audio for. This was one of the first times I had used the program Logic and the Omnisphere plugin.

This is a bumper for the company Rooster Teeth. All audio content was made in Logic using Omnisphere patches.

This is a full episode of RWBY Chibi. I enjoyed getting creative with foley, trying to create some of the effects, such as the footsteps. Once again the voices are by me...including the dog.

This is a clip from the mobile game Bubblewitch. This was full audio replacement, using my voice for the creature effects such as the fairies and owls. It was fun to see the flow of a mobile game and try to make the pieces from story to gameplay cohesive.

This is my Spanish Voice Over Demo Reel. Feels good to use my Spanish a little more.

Spanish Demo Reel - Hayat Dominguez
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This a trailer for Attack on Titan the anime series and was one of our first projects. All voices are by yours truly, music is found but arranged by me

This is another trailer, for the Rooster Teeth production of RWBY Chibi.  I enjoyed making the transitions flow. All voices are by yours truly, music is found but arranged by me.

This is about 5 minutes of full sound replacement to a video game, Borderlands 2 the DLC: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. Though difficult this was a lot of fun. Lilith and Tiny Tina are voiced by me. Marcus, Brick, the Psycho, and Mr. Boney Pants Guy are by David Greenberg. Mordecai by Matt Powell. 

This is a clip of Guardians of the Galaxy that my colleague David Greenberg did. He replaced the audio and voiced Rocket Racoon, and had me in to voice Groot. Had a lot of fun with this.

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