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The Wolves

The Wolves is a beautiful show about friendship, teamwork, differences, hardship, and coming together. It follows the story of a group of teenage girls on an indoor soccer team during the off season and their relationships with each other. Through out the production we see the girls grow and change and when disaster hits we see them come together despite the difficulty. My approach for this production was highlighting the individual characters working on what songs spoke to each character as walk in songs. Also focusing on the girls and the story they tell. Below are some recordings we did of the girls practicing and panting, to make transistions more personal to them, as well as an underscore for the scene Time out, that I curated some of the actress's screams into a track of Charlie Parker practicing his sax.

Time Out Underscore - Hayat Dominguez/Charlie Parker
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Laughing - Hayat Dominguez/Team
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Panting - Hayat Dominguez/Team
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